blowing my nose on the hem of my dress

         exhibition text by me 



elaine kahn says – i recommend altering the garment until no longer wearable


we each wrote our names on the oranges that we had personally selected because we didn’t trust the other to have picked a perfectly ripe orange


breakfast buffet, cross section of a banana


the weather report for a universal feeling of soothing

fresh peppercorn releases an odour in my pocket

bonding session with stray rocks


distilling smell

smelling perfume samples until u become light headed

the smell of sun roasted aus natives

the elevator had the lingering smell of synthetic grape


spider nest in the collar of my jacket

a crab clawed spider guarding my mum’s sulo bin


the leaves are turning yellow from being trodden on between the hours of 9 and 5


a wrist watch with interchangeable straps

stomach acid bleaching the ground white


slices of pre toasted bread stored in a torn zip lock bag

the history of biscuits



Smiley Face Muscle Tee / A Piece Of Blu Tak With A Smiley Face Pressed Into It


headbanging by yourself

i expected someone to be around the corner and approached cautiously. but there was nobody there

Audrey Tan

apple seeds.png