Laughing Clock

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha enterprises

Decentered makers of ceramics, pots, and semi-functional items based in Naarm + Boorloo

stoneware clay, plastic gems, safety pin, op shop name bracelet, my grandma's chain, potato bag tie, spoilt keychain, 2019

pot 4 jt, 2020 (made during iso #1)

Stoneware clay, underglaze

thinking about Romeo+Juliet (1998) when i made this sugar vessel/candle wax container. Made during a visit to Boorloo while staying at my mum's place in Kardinya and carted back to Naarm in my backpack, 2016

smashed pot healed with silicone sealant, 2018

no comment (i have no memory of making this), stoneware clay, i think 2019 

goblet, earthenware clay, 2017

"sweet potato" stoneware unglazed clay, underglaze - made during iso #1, 2020

bucket hat daiso pot, stoneware clay with northcote pottery glaze that never melts properly, 2019

This pot reminds me of scabs, made over Summer 19-20 with Toast Stoneware clay &  "sweet potato" clay

Audrey Tan

apple seeds.png